My Begonium should have looked like this. Image by Forest & Kim Starr [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s the only plant at home, presented by one of our Malaysian PhD students, Shaun. It stopped flowering a while ago and has long stems. I think it’s too dark for it as my ground floor curtains are always half-closed.

1) I am trying to propagate it at work, unsuccessfully. You have to cut the leaf with 4 centimeters of stem, cut across the leaf veins, put it on soil, pin it and keep in moist conditions. I did it 12/3 and put a plastic bag around the pot. The leaf turned red, the stem started rotting, I cut it off completely, probably too short. Today I noticed mold near the stem. Parts of soil turned green  probably alga. End of attempt one.

2) Tried the same but without putting the plant in a bag. Ongoing, the leaf is still green.

3)  Cut a leaf with a stem and put it in water under a light-bank. Two weeks later the end of the stem was visibly rotting but developed hair-like extensions of 3-4 mm. Put into soil and under a light-bank.

4) Today I cut a top of the stem (after 2 hours in a lunch-box) removed leaves and end of the stem diagonally by scalpel and inserted into the soil after making a hole with a pen.


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