Plants that don’t like light-bank

File:Maidenhair - Chatswood West.jpg

Possible elder brother of my fern. Image by Poyt448 via Wikimedia Commons

I have two light-banks – П-shaped  boxes with neon lamps attached inside the “roof”, switched on 24/7. They also raise the temperature inside them by about 2 – 3 degrees. Most of the plants love it, especially seedlings and chili peppers, they grow fatter and more vigorous than grown in my cold and semi-dark prep room. I routinely put new and replanted  specimens into the light banks.

But I’ve started accumulating plants that hate being in the light banks, they express it by refusing to grow and shriveling:

*A little fern I found growing in the shade of Sansevieria, I think it’s maidenhair. It recovered when I put it in the shade, but started growing new leaves only when I put a plastic cut of plastic bottle top on it.

*Marjoram (at least what it said on the seed packet, I am suspicious as it looks too grassy and doesn’t smell of anything so far). The question is of course how it get there, but this is one of the life mysteries. When it started sprouting, I put it into the bank. The small seedlings just sprouted and died, drying. it took me a while to understand what’s was happening. I planted a Nasturtium with them and put on a south-facing window. All plants are doing well so far.

*Cyclamen. It sprouted in a dark cardboard. In the bank, they looked semi-transparent and were not growing. Put them in the shade, the one leaf they had looks small but thick. No new leaves in a month, but I’ve read that summer is dormancy period, so I just need to wait, although I think that “growing from seeds period – spring” is misleading.

*Contrintuitively, succulent seeds. I covered the pots with seeds with plastic film, as recommended. Again, as recommended, removed the film after the first seeds sprouted. And lost half of them, as they sprouted and dies, sprouted and dried out. Heart breaking. Now I am growing similar seeds near a window-still and they are growing.

To be continued?


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