My first Terrarium

Terrarium in a mustard pot

A plant terrarium in a mustard pot


While looking at a video on African Violet (AV) propagation from leaves, I saw a link to AFRICAN VIOLETS : PROPAGATION ; Making babies on the mother plant by Suniti. Apparently, you have a damaged leaf stem on the mature plant, a new plantelet forms on it. Lo and behold: one of my four AV plants had a baby (of course, the pink one I don’t like). I teased whole plant from the pot and the plantelet from the mother plant, cut off the mother leaf, which I replanted because it still has some roots attached, so I hope to have another new plant.

I used the baby for making my first plant terrarium. From bottom to top:

– small gravel;

– activated charcoal for aquarium;View from the top

– universal compost;

– baby AV;

– some more gravel rocks and dried sphagnum moss, which I found flying around a road.

In theory, this should create a closed ecosystem. The plant will evaporate water, which will condense and fall to the bottom, where the plant will draw  it from. The rotting organic material will be neutralized by charcoal. The plant will consume oxygen during the night and produce carbon dioxide during the light hours. The system should be stable for years. We’ll see.

This was a “proof of concept” , because since I ‘ve read about the plant terrariums about a week ago my hands were itching to make one and I suddenly had a  suitable plant.  I was planning to put more plants into the jar, making it a “wet terrarium” – a spider plant, a kalanchoe – but realized there is no space. I really want to make  larger terrariums  in bigger jars, with live moss as well as a  “dry” succulent one. I already planted some succulents from random seeds.




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