Things they don’t tell you about home plants…



Epic Fail. (Image by Dmitry G.via Wikimedia Commons)

* Growing Ginger. A lot of sites enthusiastically recommend growing it. What they don’t say that it’s extremely slow. A green pimple sits in the soil for a month, a 15 cm shoot with the first leaf takes  4 months to develop. Don’t start growing ginger if it’s your only green thing.


Oh, and don’t try to lift it out of the pot by the stems. They look robust but it’ll tear off.

*Coffee grounds as a fertiliser. Starbucks extols its virtues. But the grounds spread on the top of the soil or get moldy quite quickly, put into the compost mix – later. The only soil it didn’t get white and furry is in a cactus pot.

*Not all plants like to be grown under fluorescent lights 24/7.


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