African violet propagation from leaf

propagation of African violets  from leaf cuttings

You can see a new, cute plant sheltering under the old leaf.

It worked at last, after 2 attempts with 8 leaves and 63 days in a bag, far from windows.If the leaf stem is too long above the soil, it rots, so the leaf should touch the soil. Cutting the old leaf in half makes maintaining constant humidity easier.

Finding a new plant in this particular pot is square ironic, because

a) It’s from a plant with pink flowers, which I don’t like;

b) I wanted to have little African violets plants for  a terrarium, but since  starting  the cuttings I discovered that AV  rot easily, especially in a terrarium.

*A good video on propagating AV from leaves, except I think that almost any soil will do instead of a “special African violet soil”.

Upd 03/2017.  All three platelets from this propagation died because I removed them from the maternal leaf too early.

I keep trying and after another half a dozen of leaves, I got 4 plantelets on one of them. This time I waited till the maternal leaf dried out and divided them. One of them growing well, another one died, another on ehas one leaf but not the growing point, the last one struggling. The difference must be in the soil – it’s havier in cases where the plants died/struggling because of additional coffee grinds I add as compost. I’m starting to think that “special AV soil” makes  and bought some.

I’ve seen on e-bay that people sell leaves for propagation. You should be very experienced to buy them as in my hands they don’t propagate well.


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