Cobra lily

Cobra lily (Darlingtonia californica) in a natural habitat. Picture by Saperaud~commonswiki via Wikimedia Commons, GNU license

Two out of a hundred cobra lily seeds bought from The Little Shop of Horrors have sprouted! Doesn’t mean that they won’t die later, as it happened with my first cacti, but it’s a start.

In a couple of years, I may have a plant like on the pic.

Cobra lily is a carnivorous plant of a pitcher variety. The insect goes inside the cap-like leaf, travels around, attracted by the light shining through. Eventually, the insect slides down the tubular part of the leaf, where it’s digested by the plant proteolytic enzymes and bacteria.

NB: Also removed 6 presumed dead seeds on which penicillium grew.

P.S. March 2017 –  after growing  2nd pair of leaves dried out and dead.



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