Nepenthes has babies/Кувшиночник заводит детей


IMG_20160119_143818685I was dismayed to learn* that Nepenthes “Monkey cup” should be propagated by cutting stem into sections with single leaf on each. I only have one plant (pictured on the right), so I don’t want killing it accidentally.

Will it flower and give seeds? Will I be able to propagate it from seeds if it does? Rhetorical questions, I was at a stalemate with myself.

However,”my plants” are used for teaching, and in the middle of November the Nepenthes was dropped on the floor and skidded out of the pot. I re-planted it in a bigger pot and – presumably as a result of this –  the plant gave one and possible two very cute offshoots. They can be cut as is (although of course I’ll wait until they are bigger). If they survive, I’ll try air layering next time.


The base of the adult plant. I think that the cute little green cup (you can see a part of adult’s purple cup in the  right bottom corner) and the forming cup belong to two independent plants.


*Royal Horticultural Society “Propagating Plants”  ISBN-10: 1405315253


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