On Venus Flytrap propagation/Как размножить венерину мухоловку

I was fascinated by sundew propagation from leaves. It’s miraculous, getting a new plant formed on a cut off leaf suspended in water. Naively, I decided to do the same with Venus flytrap (VF). It didn’t work, leaves rotted.

Venus flytrap propagation by leaves


Little plant formed at the bottom of the leaf (near white paperclip). See little sundews, centre right

But I read that I wasn’t too far from the right answer. You can propagate VF by leaves,  by just putting the whole leaf (trap up) into soil including the white end that is attached to the rhizome. While dividing one of my VF, I took apart one of the clusters and put six leaves into the soil. Half of them developed a new little plant, which looks remarkably like a new sundew, at the white end of the leaf.

For this propagation, I used an old pot where D. aliciae died during overwintering (never doing overwintering again). But now I can see little sundews growing around VF.

By flower stalk

All advice suggest cutting flower stalks after they appear as the plant will be exhausted after flowering and will die. All of my VF tried to flower. I duly cut the stalks off and thrown them away.

This year I read  a blog  post about propagating VF using the flower stem just as with leaves, cutting it as close to the rhizome as possible. I was ready to bite my elbows at the number of opportunities missed!

Well, probably I didn’t miss many opportunities to get a new plant – out of 5 stems I tried only one is still green near the soil, the rest dried out including the red above. Watch this space.

By division

The easiest way, as rhizome tends to produce new plants. Now that I have about 10 VF, not counting the little ‘uns I will continue experimenting with flowering to see the percentage of VF which actually die after flowering (if any). Getting seeds and growing new plants from seeds the ultimate goal.

By seedsIMG_20160321_101613265

I have 5 plants now, so I decided to sacrifice one in hope to get seeds. I got good looking flowers (main picture), which I attempted to pollinate using a fine brush and lightly shaking the stem imitating an insect landing. This failed, the flowers dried up without producing seeds. But the plant is alive!

Yes, the traps that it produced during the flowering  become black and died, but after I cut off the stem, the new leaves are robust and the plant looks healthy.
I bought seeds of  VF “Biohazard” , which has three traps together as a cluster.


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