Mimosa pudsica

Mimosa pudsica – just as advertised. Photo by exotenherz.

The plant that causes me a headache at the moment is touchy-feely Mimosa pudsica.  I inherited a dying plant, which dried out. I bought another plant, very vigorous, but even keeping it following the example of carnivorous plants in a tray with gravel and water didn’t help, it started drying. First, the leaves dried up, then the stems. Probably, frequent touching by students didn’t help.

I divided the plant in autumn, but all the leaves dried and fallen off on plant 1 and plant 2. Plant 2 dried out completely, including stems. Plant 1 stems were still green, so I kept it. It paid off; it developed new leaves in April.

From seeds



Seeds on soil, one of them growing

In the meanwhile I tried to grow it from seeds, putting it on top of the soil in a plastic takeaway box with lid. It took 13 days for the first seedling to appear. The germination frequency is appalling: out of around 50 seeds, I got only two seedlings. The first one grew happily until I re-planted it in an empty yogurt pot, and even after this it developed several true leaves. I kept it under a transparent plastic cover; the soil has never dried out. I never touched the leaves.




The next stage, the first pair of true leavesleafs emer

Nevertheless, the leaves started developing spots and dried. I re-planted it into the pot with plant 1, and I can see a new leaf growing.


None of the plants grown from seeds survived.

The mature plant that flowered happily, died after Christmas break.



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