Begonia Re(du)x

Growing begonium

A rooted stem and a leaf of anonymous semi-tuberous Begonia

I keep trying to propagate a Begonia. Recently I read at RHS web-site that semi-tuberous begonia sold for their flowers and not for propagation. They should be discarded after flowering and not intended for long time cultivation. That explains my problems.  This time I used about 5 stems, one of them is growing  (left) – I keep it in

This time I used about 5 stems, one of them is growing  (left) – I keep it in Saintpaulia compost covered with a plastic pot.  I  also cut central veins on several leaves trying to plantelets, but it seems that the stem on this one developed roots.

I bought some rhizomatous Begonia Rex. I’m smitten. There’s so many of them, all look so different.

Begonium rex

I saw this Begonium rex in a shop and just couldn’t resist – costs twice as much on amazon. Its soil was dry in the shop, so the leaves were drooping but perked up once I watered it.


B. rex Black Prince. The facing leaf is grown since being re-potted. It’s strange that tender-stemmed plant requires so much water and doesn’t rot. Pink champagne underneath. Its doing remarkedly worse than the Prince e.g. growing slower in the same soil, same windowsill position.

B. rex Pink Champagne UPD: June. After a sunny weekend, Black Prince and Pink Champagne shed leaves. Dead?


As leaf cuttings don’t work, decided to try the quadrat method cutting squares out of  a broken off leaf and pinning the vein. Green upright section are from Streptocarpus Crystal Ice.





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